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I liked the documentary, but know better than to think Strength is usually developed from very little or that the forces for example friction and inertia might be negated entirely.

If oil corporations in fact killed Adult men saying they can run an automobile on water, I would actually thank them for bettering the gene pool of humanity.

and that's precisely what it's got realized below. I clicked on to look at it but started to Prepared the opinions and ongoing reading them ... and Consequently decided not to observe the Doc. but many thanks men your responses are well reasoned.

Perpetual movement is often a fools errand, not possible. The regulation of conservation of Power forbids it. Nothing is currently being finished With all the wheel since the 2nd you place a load on it, it is going to are unsuccessful to help keep turning.

What I know about magnets is that they are not for ever. But even if a magnet motor can be made to operate (as well as Strength comes from the magnets power (power)) its not free Vitality Because the magnet is developed from product. Product allways has a price. Tho wind is free = free momentum.

Common science promises This is certainly not possible, however generations of inventors have been mesmerized via the guarantee of an motor that powers by itself.

These documentaries and accounts about free energy fanatics are normally biased for a single facet of another, my dilemma is wherever would be the one which supplies specifics and figures?

LOL @ Everybody underneath. This was fascinating but much from great. The concept of free energy~ can be a worldly persons aspiration in addition to a nightmare for underground electrical power x tree mists. It would've been nice to know something in the last hour or so. LOL. Nicely truly worth a observe If the bored.

"The fellow from Norway Appears sincere plenty of, but I really You should not Feel he can occur out forward with just magnets, wires, and wheels."

@Waldo Perpetual movement is apparently achieved in an atom, in any other case the electron would crash into your nucleus find out this here at some point. Electrons are particles with mass and dimension and it turns and turns even at Pretty much absolute zero.

The one thing we know obviously is the fact nearly anything that we expect we know can be established Improper by new info, viewing as we cant know every thing, so in outcome; we cant really know everything for sure..

Making sure that's it? Policeman from the free Strength motion debunks a equipment which he Evidently does not realize (just as the initial creator will not!) and has never carefully examined with one sentence? So much for validation and proof. I don't see how a machine which has allegedly been spinning that ball because 1996 isn't really worthy of a fair analysis from Mr.

Appears like the guy Together with the popcicle sticks and useless bug wings experienced some triped out trip with some check out the post right here Bizarre ass mushrooms

they say Will probably be a race for that heliem three about the moon i dont like breaking threw the atmasphere with rockets who is aware what this will likely do.i dont like complete dependency on solar volcanos could make them unefficent such as five hundred yr mini iceage.

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